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Co-Founder / CEO, Quirk

Nikos Melachrinos, Co-Founder/CEO, Quirk
Trying to get a job as an international student was a very challenging experience for me. I’m originally Greek and did my undergrad studies in the US. I was routinely rejected just for being international and on many occasions would go through multiple rounds of interviews before the company understood the full extent of the H1B visa requirements and the lottery system – at which point the interview process would typically end abruptly.
Through sweat and tears, I eventually got employed and sponsored for the H1B but didn’t get selected from the lottery, therefore forced to leave the US 9 months into the job. I moved to the UK and was one of the lucky few who was at least able to keep his job from abroad.
Today, starting my own company, Quirk (, I’m doing everything possible to reach candidates around the world. Talent is universal while opportunity is not. Today the situation is even worse with the new restrictions on H1B workers and I feel strongly for all the international students that have to struggle with this.