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I know what it’s like to be on the outside. Even though I had practiced as an immigration attorney, I gave up my career for many years to take care of my two small children. I experienced postpartum depression and things snowballed as my dad, who was my dear mentor and friend, passed away unexpectedly and then my marriage came to an end. I wondered how I could survive in Silicon Valley as a single mom without a professional network. Imposter syndrome shook me to my core. I longed to be an entrepreneur but I didn’t know a bit about coding. So, I decided to serve others. I began my immigration law firm out of my kitchen and met clients at a Peet’s in downtown Mountain View. I offered pro bono services to people facing deportation who had experienced persecution based on their sexuality or individuals who had experienced domestic violence. I thought, “Well, at least I can support others.” Little did I know that my clients were actually the ones supporting me: to believe in myself and create a new life. I’m inspired by the amazing courage of immigrants and the grit and tenacity of everybody who has the courage to follow their dreams.

Founder, Alcorn Immigration Law
Contributor, TechCrunch