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I first asked the question as a six-year-old in Greece, watching a Transformers cartoon: “How do robots see if they don’t have eyes?” At 13, I was still obsessed with this question, so when most kids wanted a Playstation, I asked for a computer to learn programming with. I soon realized questions like mine were being answered in Silicon Valley, but it seemed impossibly far away. I couldn’t imagine becoming a good enough programmer to belong there. At 21, I quit my job to help build an open-source project in computer vision. That was where I met the founders of Fyusion, a computer vision company in San Francisco. When I landed here for the first time, I couldn’t stop staring at the new stamp on my passport. I had actually made it. My first day I walked all the way from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate – I wanted to soak in every block. I still have that same feeling when I wake up here every morning. This is where I hope to spend the rest of my life, and where I want to make my contribution to the world.